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Spritz & Sh!t Bathroom Spray Minis

Spritz & Sh!t Bathroom Spray Minis

Amour Propre

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Spritz & Sh!t Bathroom Spray for on the go when you have to go!

Amour Propre®️ Spritz & Sh!t Bathroom Spray, your solution for fresh and pleasant surroundings. Say goodbye to unwanted odors with our powerful toilet and room spray, Spritz & Sh!t. Developed using natural ingredients, Spritz & Sh!t is designed to effectively neutralize foul odors in the air.

Spritz & Sh!t Toilet Spray, the ultimate solution for eliminating embarrassing odors in your bathroom! Our all-natural toilet and bathroom deodorizing spray is designed to leave your bathroom smelling fresh and clean, even after the toughest of bathroom visits.

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