Our story

TaheraOur Motto: Live in Love. ❤

Tahera Rene Christy

Owner, Maker, Designer

Amour Propre® is a clean beauty brand centered in self-love, inspired by nature, and fueled by positive energy. Our creative director, Tahera Christy, was inspired to create the handmade natural wellness & beauty brand in order to share her deep-rooted love for humanity with great care for total wellness. 
Amour Propre®️ (which means "self-love in French) is in business to encourage our customers to practice self-love by experiencing the joy of utilizing natural, organic, and aromatherapeutic skincare products. 
Amour Propre®️ strives to make the world a better place, one person and one natural product at a time.
Self-Love is a journey:
I spent so many years of my life not feeling worthy of love.  I worked on the outside of my existence by grooming my face, styling my hair and working out my body. I achieved great success at work. I gathered many friends and admirers from networking, but I never felt my very own sense of self-worth. 
After a moment of deep depression and frustration with my life's path, I packed my bags and took a solo trip to Puerto Vallarta to find myself.  I read self-help books, I cried, I journaled my heart out, I saw a Reiki healer and got in touch with nature.  I was able to find myself, by myself, within myself during those moments alone in the darkness of my past. Confronting my demons released me from my own personal hell that I was no longer bound to. I was free to love me completely! 
Later that year on a visit to a friend's home, I noticed that she had a bottle of smokeless smudge spray on her bathroom counter. Curious, I sprayed its mist above my head and instantly released all of my tension, cares and worries. I closed my eyes and imagined space of simplicity and synchronicity with the energy that I wanted to generate in my life. I was refreshed, renewed and restored! 
I immediately bought five different versions of this amazing product anywhere I could find it! That day, I fell in love with the concept of smudging.  I later created my own version, which is available in my shop!
What's the greatest gift you can give a creative person? 
About a year later, I found myself unemployed from my corporate sales career because of an epic viral pandemic that forced me and much of society to stay home and create. I was able to recreate my own version of the amazing smokeless smudge spray that changed my life's perspective and my business was launched in March of 2020.
Self-love is the staple emotional theme that has inspired my success as a life coach, author, wife, mother, and artist. I wanted to create my company with the root of love as the foundation to its success. 
My husband and I were having a conversation about what I should call my company. In his wordplay genius, my husband came up with the name, Amour Propre, which means, "a sense of one's self- worth" in French. We added the necessary redundancy of "Love" to Amour Propre and our business was born. 
Being a home chef and creating delicious cuisine that my friends and family have enjoyed for years aided in my desire to incorporate additional products to my line of smokeless smudge sprays. I wanted to create a line of natural and organic products that my family could use and support my community with education about the importance of using natural ingredients. 
Amour Propre continues to develop and has taken on a life of its own!  I enjoy creating products that solve problems, invoke positivity, feel amazing on the skin, and inspire my customers to share their joy with others. 
Thank you for your support of my brand. We encourage you to love yourself and others completely. It starts with you. 
We are very communicative and open to suggestions and conversation!  Please reach out to us directly if you have any questions or concerns.  Most importantly, know that we love you! 
❤ Live in Love!