Our Story - A Lesson in Self-Love

Amour Propre® aims to revolutionize the wellness and beauty industry by providing luxurious clean beauty products that are both affordable and effective. 

Meet Tahera Rene Christy Founder, Maker, Designer

Tahera Rene Christy, FounderAmour Propre® is Self-Love: People love handmade organic wellness and clean beauty products that cater to sensitive skin. It's hard to find affordable clean beauty that actually solves difficult skin problems. Therefore, Amour Propre® was created to support our customers with luxury clean beauty at an affordable price.

Amour Propre® is a wellness and beauty brand centered on self-love, enhanced by science, inspired by nature, and fueled by positive energy.

Amour Propre® (which means "self-love in French) is in business to encourage our customers to practice self-love by experiencing the joy of utilizing natural facial care products, feminine hygiene solutions, bath and body cosmetics that cater to sensitive skin, and home décor that provide aroma therapeutic benefits.

Our small batch curated solutions are luxurious clean beauty at an affordable price.

We have focused on providing clean skin care that caters to all skin types. We offer education as well as access to these amazing products by offering a price point that makes our products affordable. Because nature is our best healer, we know our products produce the results we claim, and our customer reviews are in alignment with that fact.

Founded in March 2020 in Mission Viejo, California, our Founder and Creative Director, Tahera Rene Christy, is an amazing chef, author, and community leader that left her corporate sales job to focus on creating wellness and beauty products that enhance the health and wellbeing of all people.

She was inspired to create Amour Propre® because she saw a shape decline of kindness and connectivity in our society. She believes that we must rediscover the art of loving our neighbors as ourselves through radical self-love. She creates clean solution based products that encourage luxurious self-care for all. She regularly donates thousands of products to underserved communities in need to bridge the gap of quality clean beauty for all.

Thank you for your support of our brand. We encourage you to love yourself and others completely. It starts with you. 

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