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Amour Propre

FOR HIM. Premium Quality Men's Grooming Set

FOR HIM. Premium Quality Men's Grooming Set

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FOR HIM. by Love Amour Propre.

Love Amour Propre understands that men need love too. We made amazing grooming products with high quality ingredients that you will love.

Now you can buy these great products in a bundle for yourself or the men in your life. He will thank you. He'll smell great too. Simple. Natural. Effective.


5 Piece Personal Grooming Set:
1. WASH YOUR ASS - Creamy Body Wash | 8oz
2. DON'T BE CRUSTY - Natural Hand & Body Lotion | 8oz
3. DAB - Body Oil Roll-On | .1oz
4. SEX - Premium Quality Body Spray Cologne | 4oz
5. BALL BUFFER - Organic Private Part Deodorizer | 2oz

Bathroom Deodorizers:
1. SPRITZ & SH!T - Bathroom and Toilet Spray | 8oz
2. SQUAT & BURN - 100% Soy Hand-Poured Bathroom Candle | 8oz
(Burnt Citrus & Sandalwood or Vanilla Honey Musk)

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