Celebrate Black Excellence Everyday!

Celebrate Black Excellence Everyday!

Happy Black History Month!

Throughout history, Black women have made significant and enduring contributions to society. Often operating in the shadows, we've demonstrated an exceptional ability to shine our light even in the face of oppression. Creating abundance from scarcity has become a remarkable skill, and we consistently secure the gold medal in the Olympic sport of resilience. We carry ourselves with pride, facing adversity gracefully, while our next steps are thoughtfully and skillfully planned out. We are versatile, creative, strong, and possess a divine beauty that radiates from within. Confronting the seemingly impossible and making it look effortless is what defines us.

To me, this is the essence of Black Girl Magic.

I am the embodiment of the magic you seek, and I encourage you to celebrate it. Do not be envious of it because you require it to thrive. Our contributions have significantly shaped the society you enjoy today, all while we continued to persevere.

This is what Black Girl Magic means to me.

Queens, I understand the weight of bearing the burdens of others – their needs, traumas, desires, complaints, and projections – all while striving to maintain a sense of self-worth, happiness, and inner peace. Remember that you were chosen to carry God's Grace to those who may have lost their way. It's true that favor isn't always fair, and with great power comes great responsibility. We possess an incredible capacity to give, but self-preservation is the key to replenishment. Take solace in the knowledge that everything you require resides within you.

Dear Melanin Queen, your magic is undeniable.

Embrace it, protect it, and manifest it daily.

I am immensely proud of you. I see your strength and resilience. You are not just another face in the crowd; you are essential. You are cherished. You are free. You are under the protective embrace of love. You are believed in.

Keep changing the world, one twirl of your magic at a time!

With love and unwavering support, your fellow queen, Tahera Rene Christy ❤👸🏾


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