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Amour Propre

Ball Buffer: FOR HIM. Private part deodorant

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Ball Buffer: FOR HIM. Private part deodorant

Love Amour Propre love your balls. We want you to love your balls too. Enjoy this unique form of self love.

Created to absorb must, odor and funk that accumulates during your busy day, or night, in your most intimate of areas.

We all sweat. Having dangling parts makes you sweat down there more. Let's keep you tight as rain with Love Amour Propre's proprietary blend of ingredients formulated to keep you dry and smelling great fish there! 

Deodorant & Skin Moisturizer, Lasts long.

Protect sensitive skin by keeping it dry and smelling fresh. 

Suggested Use: Apply on clean skin. A little goes a long way. Please a dime sized amount on private areas that you want to absorb wetness. Go into your day fresh and clean.


Live in love. ❤


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