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Chamomile Coconut Milk Soak

Chamomile Coconut Milk Soak

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Chamomile Coconut Milk Soak 

Dark Amber, Roman Chamomile & Orange Blossom

Luxury. Decadence. Sensual. 

We combined the alluring fragrance of Ambergris with the warmth of Chamomile and Vanilla to create Gold & Amber. Treat yourself kindly to an at home spa experience with our gold and amber vegan bath soak. Featuring a combination of aromatic calendula and chamomile, our milk bath will ascend you to a place of relaxation. Our proprietary blend of dead sea salt plus powdered coconut milk provides a bath that is extremely hydrating and moisture rich. Soak and relax after a long day to promote a healthy sleep experience.

    Treat yourself kindly. Live in love. 

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