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Clear Refillable Bottles

Clear Refillable Bottles

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Clear PET household spray bottles. Great for DIY projects, hairspray, liquids, etc.

Mist plastic spray bottles are perfect for essential oils, aromatherapy, face spray, hair moisturizing spray, pillow mist, household cleaner, spraying plant like succulents, home linen spray for ironing, pet sprays for fleas or odor, natural air freshener for the house,

The clear plastic spray bottle allow you to see clearly. Make your own DIY, organic products. Save money by reducing use of disposable plastics. Help the environment by reusing recyclable glass. Prevents plastic odors & chemicals from leaching into the bottle. Feel confident with PBA-free caps.

Durable plastic is heavy metal free and pharmaceutical grade. Empty spray bottle easy to wash and reusable.

*Please note that the sprayer is not safe for the dishwasher


Clear over-cap keeps pump from accidentally spraying in luggage or while stored. Clear cap holds securely over pump with triple-click, locking ridges.
- Shatterproof bottle is flexible plastic with no odor. Rigid enough to stand on its own, but soft enough to squeeze easily.
- Use for misting water or other thin, watery liquids (will not work with oils or thicker liquids!) for travel or around the house. Clear bottle shows true color of contents.
- Bottle and cap are polypropylene. Both are BPA-free and meet FDA criteria for food safe containers.

How to use

Our bottles are a convenient and affordable addition to your on-the-go lifestyle. Safely store a variety of liquids in your pocket, purse, or backpack.


3- 4 oz/120ml bottles

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