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Boss Babe Candle

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Boss Babe

Empowered. Influential. Unapologetically Sexy.

She works hard and plays hard. She give commands and has a kind heart. She's fearless in the face of challenges as well as a femme fatal. She everything. And she deserves a peaceful night with an unique candle that represents her amazing ways.

Soy Based.
Coconut oil infused.
Incredible fragrance oil blend.
100% handpoured and made with love.
Fragrance Blend - Top notes: Citrus & Jasmine, middle: Berry & Melon, bottom: Vanilla & Coconut

Our candles are created with natural soy wax, and contain organic coconut oil for a smooth burn and texture.

Our candles are naturally Phthalate Free, Paraffin Free, Free of Petroleum Soot and Non-Toxic.

Benefits of soy:
Soy wax is naturally beneficial because it burns clean with no toxins or pollutants.

**To ensure a long lasting candle, please burn your candle until you have a full melt pool of wax. Do this with each use and especially on your initial burn to prevent tunneling and memory rings. Keep your wick trimmed to 1/8".

*** These candles are natural and have natural elements in them. Please remain the the same room as the candle. Be alert, awake and mindful when it is burning!

Live in love. ❤


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